Thursday, 14 October 2010

Jimmy Choo + UGGS = A Necessity!

Ok, first off, please let me say that this is not a blog entirely devoted to shoes.  But, I suppose my total obsession (my husband calls it a disease, but hey, what does he know!) means that shoes are going to feature very strongly on a regular basis.

And while I'm getting things off my chest, let me be the first to admit that until ten months ago, I didn't own a single pair of UGGS.  I just couldn't get my head around the ugliness of them, and being only 5'2", the complete lack of height-aiding qualities just put me right off.

Until I tried a pair that is.  And realised just HOW comfortable they are.

Now, it's got to the stage where my husband asks me if I'm ever going to take them off or "are you just going to go to bed in them?" But as I said before, what does he know?

Finally, it seems, my UGG-style dilemma has been solved, with the collaboration between Jimmy Choo and UGGS bringing a whole new range to my footwear horizon.

Witness the delectable-ness that IS the new UGGS!

My favourites!
These beauties are just the right length to wear with skirts or trousers, 
and feature a miriad of studs, rivets and grommets in silver and gold.

Kinda gotta love these too!
Fab to inject a bit of fun into a dreary, cold and grey winter day.

What do you think of these?  Would you spend the astronomical £495-£695 for them?


  1. The 1st pair of UGGS look cute..though it would have looked much better with a bit less studs. Animal!

  2. @UB - have to agree with you, on both counts!

    @Vyankatesh - thanks..... and will do, right away!

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