Monday, 19 September 2011

Prêt à Portea at the Berkeley

Given that we are in the middle of London Fashion Week, it seemed only fitting to take tea at The Berkeley Hotel and partake of their highly acclaimed Prêt à Portea.  

So, with a group of like minded girls, we descended en masse for an afternoon of designer tea blends, chi-chi sandwiches and mountains of cakes and biscuits. But not just any cakes and biscuits. Oh no. 

Each little cake, biscuit and delicacy is a replica of or inspired by a famous designer label's key piece from the current collection. So, the bikini biscuit is Miu Miu, the structured handbag is a Victoria Beckham design and the striped little cake is inspired by a Roger Vivier zebra print shoe. All just so darling! 

Teas were fabulous blends such as Vanilla, Pear & Caramel (my favourite) and the Berkeley blend. Sandwiches included tuna, cucumber and cream cheese (how English) and smoked salmon. Savouries were an amazing array of canapés including quinoa in a mini-artichoke cup, asian marinated beef and a very delicious lobster in a sushi roll. 

The stars of the show were undeniably the sweet treats. A melon juice amuse bouche with a chilli kick as it went down was very popular. The marzipan fruit figures drew gasps as did the  bikini and dress biscuits and the Beckham bag. It was almost a shame to eat it..... But we managed to, all the same!  

The refills just kept on coming till we were all fit to burst, but just in case we hadn't really eaten our fill, we each took home a little doggy bag to munch on later. 

A lovely way to spend a couple of hours with friends, and a definite must-do for small celebrations with close friends. 

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